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I realize this is a quite dead community, but I though I'd share my I Am Dina fanvid here nonetheless.

The music is "Lacrimosa" by Evanescence (well, Mozart originally.)
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Hello! Moderator here with a new username, I've been offline for the past nine months and thus this community has been sadly neglected, but I see we have a new member taking us up to a grand total of three. Do we have any ideas upon promoting the community? Please do tell your friends if you think they'll be interested [because of course Dina is amazing and they should be ;)]; Politely mind, don't want a bad reputation.

I actually squee'd in the Oxfam bookshop on Wednesday of this week, as my boyfriend came running and thrust a copy of Dina's Son at my face, he was as excited to find it for me as I was to finally possess a copy! I keep stroking it, which is a might unhealthy perhaps, but gosh it made my week!

So c'mon, lets kick this place into action!

Sarah x